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March 17, 2010


Tami Archuleta

Hey there Platt Family, I love catching up with the fun times in you're lives. The kids are beautiful, just for fun I want to take a chance at a name for you're new son. How does Noah sound? We know the stories of Noah in the bible such a great man of faith. It fits the requested criteria, and somewhat sounds like little Emma's sweet name for her brother. I would love to hear about you're choice. We are great here in Idaho, sons and family all doing well. David and I are still with the same companies, praise the Lord we have much to rejoice over. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Blessings on you all. Love Tami

Debbie Williams

Aunts are the best!! I have a couple that stand out too! It's hard for me to be the fun, go-to aunt out in CA, but I'm trying!! Thank goodness for technology!


Hi Jenny... I'm writing on this exciting night... earlier today Noona arrived! I'm so happy for you! You were my first niece... even though as you said, "life things" happen... I will always love being your aunt. We all had many good times especially when you, Carrie, and Jake were little kids.

It is exciting to see you and Carrie have your group of cousins... I am sure there are many great times to come.

I hope to see you and your family soon... you are all such special blessings.

Love always,
Aunt Blanche

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Whether of the true bloodline or the non-familial variety, no lad should be without an aunt-figure in his life. The benefits are manifold.


Life will have its way with us, and to a certain degree, there is nothing we can do about it, but there is always something within our control. One of the most important things we can do in life is to understand what is in our control and what is not, what power we have to change things. Some people instinctively know this, and others learn it. The unfortunate never do understand this truth and are always in the position of victim.

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