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August 25, 2007



A 60!!! Wow, that was bad. I guess we don't talk about those important ash-sprinkling topics while on our hours-long conversations. We definitely need to spend more time together.

Jennifer Platt

Don't feel bad that I'm a better friend than you...:)!
I know that I mainly talk about being buried in my Snow White dress but I need to have a plan B in case Darrenn doesn't fork out the big bucks for my burial.

Michelle Lasch

Belle?!? Where did that come from? You even said you wanted to be buried in a Snow White dress!!!


Wow. Well I guess I'm as good as Darren...nener nener nener!


Oh my gosh, I don't know you at all!! I suck!! But it's about time you updated your blog, geez... not that I should talk...


Ok, I have one word for you - FINALLY - finally you update your blog. You have the most interesting thing to blog about - Emma - and you slowly, if ever, show us the goods.

And, I didn't think I would have done well on this quiz but for sure, I thought I would ace the Snow White questions! Wow, Belle, I just didn't get that one.

I blame my low score on poor test taking skills!

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